bed and breakfast PUNTO DI VISTA

It’s the expression of who we are, of our personalities and sensibilities, of our opinions.

It’s a place in which to lose yourselves, whose rolling hillside vistas enable you to feel at peace with where - and who – you are.

It’s a place to rest…

Sara had dreamt of a different kind of bed and breakfast. This is the precise realization of that place, and of a life less ordinary.

Ours is a different take on hospitality, and a broader view of domestic living.

Beyond a mere place to stay, we offer the chance to experience the joy and beauty of the landscape which surrounds us.

By turns considered, discrete… and uniquely personal.

The idea was born out of a restoration project for our family home.

Recently undertaken, the work embraces modernity, but without excess.

The house is situated amidst the verdant hills climbing from Chieri towards Pino Torinese. Beneath lies beguiling, magical Turin. Austere and elegant, creative and vibrant, the city is perfectly framed by the Alps.